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Gospel Star, Giileh Sets To Drop Her Most Predated Tune “THANK YOU LORD” On Christmas Day


The Giileh Production eminent, Giileh has for over a decade blessings ears with mind-blowing and connective tunes of the Lord with has created great impact in the Gospel Music Arena.


Her debut track, “There Is No One Like You” which was dropped earlier this month, brought so many controversies around her genre and that of her creativity and wordplay. This added more caps to her shoulders over thousands of views.


The Sierra Leonean Gospel star is yet to release her next hit single “Thank You Lord” featuring Sis. Cordelia.  The anticipated song bridge our Thanksgiving relationship with God, for all that he has done and that we will do. 

Artist: Giileh Scholz
Label: Giileh Global Productions
Release Date: December 25, 2021
Genres: Afro Hip Hip, Gospel
Featuring: Sister Cordelia


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