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Hi World,

Believe it or not I am soooo new to blogging, but I am really excited about getting started. For me it’s about sharing with you my experiences, places I have visited, and most of all the people I meet but especially those that inspire me.  I’m talking about the ones who make the world a better place, the ones who are so selfless and give so much of themselves to empower others, those who are always willing to share and set good examples for others to follow.  Then again I can’t just keep all the 3,000 plus pics I have on my computer all to myself can I? I have run out of space. Also, I do admire the technology and innovation that comes with blogging, I think i am very interested {putting it mildly} in technology, so heeeyyy I think its time.

Let me start off by giving you a look into my newest music video released just three days ago on youtube. Hope you like it. Stay Blessed

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