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Thank You Lord


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Gospel Star, Giileh Sets To Drop Her Most Predated Tune “THANK YOU LORD” On Christmas Day


The Giileh Production eminent, Giileh has for over a decade blessings ears with mind-blowing and connective tunes of the Lord with has created great impact in the Gospel Music Arena.


Her debut track, “There Is No One Like You” which was dropped earlier this month, brought so many controversies around her genre and that of her creativity and wordplay. This added more caps to her shoulders over thousands of views.


The Sierra Leonean Gospel star is yet to release her next hit single “Thank You Lord” featuring Sis. Cordelia.  The anticipated song bridge our Thanksgiving relationship with God, for all that he has done and that we will do. 

Artist: Giileh Scholz
Label: Giileh Global Productions
Release Date: December 25, 2021
Genres: Afro Hip Hip, Gospel
Featuring: Sister Cordelia


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I’m keeping it simple, I asked God for the strength and the provision to fulfill this day, and yes its 2:48am I am still up and its the day when Mahin will be released. I give him all the praise, glory honor and adoration. I want to thank all who supported me, I thank God so much for your lives. You put up with me and continue to do so.









I’m keeping it simple, I asked God for the strength and the provision to fulfill this day, and yes its 2:48am I am still up and its the day when Mahin will be released. I give him all the praise, glory honor and adoration. I want to thank all who supported me, I thank God so much for your lives. You put up with me and continue to do so.


My Interview with BBC – God Works In Mysterious Ways

Hello world,

Going back to the year 2011, but this time I want to share a testimony with you. I had recently launched my album and was frantically making every effort to publicize on every possible network.  I had contacted BBC, CNN, gone through my address book and so many other options, with sleepless nights like this just thinking and wondering how to make an impact? How to make a break through, as a stranger in another man’s land how do I make these blessed encounters?…….Then I gave up, thinking “it’s never gonna happen”, and went back to life as usual, believing it was never meant to be. My childhood dream was over even before it started.!!. 

On November 20, 2011 after the fundraising gospel concert organized by Ms. Frederica Williams with Dr. Bobby Jones as the host, I had been hoping to be one of the people selected to appear on his show, but the judges who were invited to select chose 3 other groups. with a feeling of failure, and rejection I went back to my hotel room. Then I noticed the voice mail light blinking on my room phone, only to check and find out that Dr Jones had specifically requested to have me appear on his show. PRAISE THE LORD – I screamed, I jumped, I thanked the Lord my God, and I made phone calls.

My marketing team was over the moon and in an effort to surprise me, they sent out a press release, not knowing that Giileh the micro-manager had turned a couple of botton’s off and not turned them back on. The press release went out and one person requested to be unsubcribed. This went out to the entire database of over 4,000 people and about 10 or more people responded (now you do the maths on how many people received unsubscribed messages, and some of the mean comments that were being made). Some were using this as an opportunity to make Giileh look bad while others were trying to understand what had gone wrong.  By the time I received the first call I had already checked out of the hotel and was on my way to the airport. My technical engineer was no where near a computer at that time.

I said a little prayer, and logged into the hosting account from my cell phone, in order to contain the situation, at which time a lot of people had received close to 200 emails already. I cried when I saw some of the comments other Sierra Leonean’s made, people who were in the media industry just like me and working hard to succeed. After the situation was put under control we sent out an email apologizing and to God be the Glory the total number of unsubscribe requests received as a result of this mishap was only one hundred emails. We were still in the high 4000 range.

But the good lord was not through with me yet, by the end of the day my marketing team received an email from BBC requesting an interview with me. Now can I get a witness about the greatness of my God and how he moves in mysterious ways? his wonders to perform!!!! When you are down to nothing God is up to something !!!!!

That’s me at BBC Sudio’s – Bush House, London.


Planning The Launch of The Debut Album – Bringing The News

WOW, the day finally arrived, after months of hard work, marketing, research, praying, and trusting God for the release of my album to be successful. Yessss it was, and that made everything worthwhile. I didn’t do it alone, I had a a unique group of people sent to me by God himself. we started six months before with a review of the entire album. Based on the review we went back to the studio with the entire album,  changing some songs completely, decisions about the name of the album and order of songs was chosen at this meeting. The graphics to be used were decided upon and we all agreed that we only use professional shots. Moving forward I was under the hospice of my team, going by their rules, and I did the best I could. The best part of it was that I wasn’t allowed to pick up the phone and call anyone if I was mad, I was authorized to call certain people in my team. They were angels sent from up above I told you before didn’t I?

Here are some pics from the review session – July 25, 2010

                             Helen Koker thinking hard about the decisions that need to be made

                                                   Desmond Bishop, deliberating


                                                       Angels in many different colors.

Well with such guidance, we could only get better and the team grew in wisdom, and size.By March 25, 2011 our project looked like this:

Meeting Dr. Bobby Jones of BET Gospel

Hello world,

Its been just about a year since my last blog post…hmmmm. Honestly I forgot I had a blog. Technology requires that you ensure you have a myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, you name it, by the time you get thru updating those (thou its much easier now with unified updates), you kinda forget you even have a website, less more a blog.  I would love to skip the whole year and just jump into 2013, but I won’t. 2012 was a great year, thou 2011 was awesome as well. I met Dr. Bobby Jones of BET Gospel in November of 2011. Did my heart beat fast? of course it did, ‘not a normal thing for me. Did I feel like doing cart-wheels in my very fashionable dress? yes I did. What was my impression of him? hmm, I think he has been doing his thing for so long that the smile, the way of talking, the dressing to look good, all just comes so naturally to him that he doesn’t even have to try anymore. What did I love about him? His sense of humor, he would provoke anybody, I mean any body that had it coming – he knew how to make people laugh. He seemed to find a smile for everyone and laughter in everything around him.

below is a link to his comments after my performance, I’m sure you will agree with me that he has a good sense of humor.

Well, I think I’ve done very well for tonight. Found it hard to sleep at 11:45pm so here I am at 12:45am saying goodnight I’ll post some pics below also. Stay blessed and covered under the canopy of his wings, until I come back.

 Me and Dr. Jones
Myself, Dr Jones, and Ms. Frederica Williams, the host of the gospel concert in Boston
Myself and one of my close friend and fans in Boston – all the way from Senegal
Me and Adeyemi Ladner, Dir & Producer of the Movie Perfect Plan
Doing some site seeing with husby before leaving Boston
Husby looking extremely charming next to Dr. Jones.

My Posts Starts

Hi World,

Believe it or not I am soooo new to blogging, but I am really excited about getting started. For me it’s about sharing with you my experiences, places I have visited, and most of all the people I meet but especially those that inspire me.  I’m talking about the ones who make the world a better place, the ones who are so selfless and give so much of themselves to empower others, those who are always willing to share and set good examples for others to follow.  Then again I can’t just keep all the 3,000 plus pics I have on my computer all to myself can I? I have run out of space. Also, I do admire the technology and innovation that comes with blogging, I think i am very interested {putting it mildly} in technology, so heeeyyy I think its time.

Let me start off by giving you a look into my newest music video released just three days ago on youtube. Hope you like it. Stay Blessed