Meeting Dr. Bobby Jones of BET Gospel

Hello world,

Its been just about a year since my last blog post…hmmmm. Honestly I forgot I had a blog. Technology requires that you ensure you have a myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, you name it, by the time you get thru updating those (thou its much easier now with unified updates), you kinda forget you even have a website, less more a blog.  I would love to skip the whole year and just jump into 2013, but I won’t. 2012 was a great year, thou 2011 was awesome as well. I met Dr. Bobby Jones of BET Gospel in November of 2011. Did my heart beat fast? of course it did, ‘not a normal thing for me. Did I feel like doing cart-wheels in my very fashionable dress? yes I did. What was my impression of him? hmm, I think he has been doing his thing for so long that the smile, the way of talking, the dressing to look good, all just comes so naturally to him that he doesn’t even have to try anymore. What did I love about him? His sense of humor, he would provoke anybody, I mean any body that had it coming – he knew how to make people laugh. He seemed to find a smile for everyone and laughter in everything around him.

below is a link to his comments after my performance, I’m sure you will agree with me that he has a good sense of humor.

Well, I think I’ve done very well for tonight. Found it hard to sleep at 11:45pm so here I am at 12:45am saying goodnight I’ll post some pics below also. Stay blessed and covered under the canopy of his wings, until I come back.

 Me and Dr. Jones
Myself, Dr Jones, and Ms. Frederica Williams, the host of the gospel concert in Boston
Myself and one of my close friend and fans in Boston – all the way from Senegal
Me and Adeyemi Ladner, Dir & Producer of the Movie Perfect Plan
Doing some site seeing with husby before leaving Boston
Husby looking extremely charming next to Dr. Jones.
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